• The Pieces of the Bible All Fit Together into One Life-Changing Story

    Patchwork Pieces

    Many people are familiar with some of the well-known stories or passages from the Bible, but very few understand the bottom line story that is woven through the entire Bible. Bible StoryBoards can help you understand that story and how all the pieces of the Bible fit together. Bible StoryBoards has taken the story that the […]

  • Find Meaning For Your Life in the Story of the Bible

    Continually Moving But Never Going Anywhere

    Many people are living on autopilot. They wake up each morning and simply do the things they are supposed to do. The story of the Bible shows that there is so much more to life than that. Bible StoryBoards wants to help you understand that story and how it can give your life meaning. With 15 StoryBoards and […]

  • Are You Prepared to Share the Story of the Bible with Others?

    Who Are You Living Life With?

    Jesus asked His followers to go into the world and tell others what He had done for them. That same responsibility has been passed on to those of us who are His modern day disciples. Bible StoryBoards was written to help us know and share that life-changing story the Bible tells. There are people all around […]

  • Three Commitments Every Fully Devoted Follower of Jesus Should Make

    Early Disciples Knew the Truth and Lived It

    There are three commitments that every Christian should have as the central focus of their life. A Commitment to the Bible A disciple of Jesus believes the Bible is true – all of it. If it’s not all true, then why should anyone believe any of it? How would anyone decide which parts are true […]

  • Six Things Most People Don’t Know About the Bible

    How Many Do You Know?

    Though many people know some familiar stories or passages from the Bible, here are six things that most people don’t know. How Many Do You Know? Though the Bible is made up of seemingly random bits of history, poetry, songs, prophecy, instructions, and even letters, it all fits together into one main story – from […]

  • God Wants the Whole World to Know the Story of the Bible

    Where Will You Go to Tell His Story?

    Before Jesus went back to heaven after His resurrection, He told His followers to go into the world and tell everyone about what He has done for them. That responsibility continues today for His followers. Bible StoryBoards can help you know and share the amazing, life-changing story of the Bible anywhere in the world. With our […]