The Bible is Not Just an Old Book, It’s the Door to Everything That Matters

The Bible was written over a span of 400 years, 2,000+ years ago. Though some see it as simply an old outdated book, it’s actually the doorway to everything that matters most in this world and our lives. Bible StoryBoards was written to help you understand the simple true story that it tells.

A Door to the Past and Future

A Door to both the Past and the Future

Bible StoryBoards takes you through the bottom line story of the history that is recorded in the Bible. We’ve divided it into 15 StoryBoards. It begins with the creation of this world and us 6,000+ years ago. It ends with a look into the future when God will put an end to this world as we know it and create a new world for all those who have chosen to follow Him.

 The Complete Story

As the storyline unfolds, you will discover the life-changing history of God and man that the Bible tells. It’s the story of:

  • God’s love
  • Our sin
  • God’s plan to bring us back into a relationship with Him
  • What Jesus did to offer us forgiveness and life
  • What God wants from us now

Don’t mistake the Bible for something that doesn’t matter anymore. Begin to discover the truth it holds by reading the simple storyline of Bible StoryBoards. Then you will be better prepared to step into the Bible itself, and to let it change your life.

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Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book




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