You Can Share the Gospel by Simply Throwing a Party

Guys Night in the Backyard

God wants Christians to build relationships with people who don’t know Him yet, so we can show them His love and tell them the story the Bible tells about what God has done for all of us. Throwing parties is a great way to build those relationships. And Bible StoryBoards is a great tool to help […]

A Simple Way to Help Seekers Understand the Story of the Bible

Bible StoryBoards is a simple tool you can use to help unchurched friends understand the bottom line of what the Bible is all about. Using 15 pictures on your iPhone or iPad you can easily share the story of God and man that is found in the Bible with anyone, anywhere. Learn the Story of […]

Dear Pastor – Are You Teaching Your People God’s Plan, or Yours?

Bible StoryBoards can help you focus on the bottom line of what God expects from the people in your church. As you follow the simple story of God that is told in the Bible, that story will remind you of the most important things you can be teaching your people. This Matters Most It’s very […]

A Simple Cup of Coffee Can Change a Life and Change the World

For many years now I’ve been hanging out in coffee places, watching for opportunities to connect with people. As a follower of Jesus, He’s asked me to watch for divine interruptions in my days so He can use me to tell others about what He’s done for them. Bible StoryBoards is a great new tool […]