The Story of the Bible Shows That God’s Plan is Always Better Than Ours

The bottom line story of the Bible makes it clear that when people choose to go their own way instead of God’s, things don’t go well for them. Bible StoryBoards can help you understand that story and learn from others who have gone before us.

Uncover Your Eyes and Look at This

Uncover Your Eyes and Look at This

We’ve divided the Bible into fifteen eras in biblical history – from Genesis to Revelation. As you follow the storyline with our 15 Pictures, you see many people who thought their plan was better than God’s. And you also see the consequences of that thinking.

God’s desire from the beginning of time as we know it has been for men and woman to walk in a loving relationship with Him and with each other. He simply asks us to trust Him and follow His ways.

Learn From Others’ Bad Choices

But history shows us that most people think they know better than God. Some examples from the simple story of the Bible include:

  • Adam & Eve
  • People during the time of Noah
  • The Tower of Babel incident
  • The Children of Israel – over and over and over again
  • The Religious leaders during the time of Jesus

It’s our hope that Bible StoryBoards will help you understand the story of God and man that the Bible tells. And that you will also learn from the struggles of others when they chose to go their own way instead of God’s, so you will chose to trust Him and follow Him.

You can buy the book through the picture link below.

Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book




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