God's Life-Giving Story

You could show & tell this amazing story in 5 min or less

HEAR the Story

Before you do anything else, you’ve got to HEAR God’s life-giving story for yourself in two ways:

  • With your eyes and ears – see and hear one or both versions of the storyline as told by Dave Gudgel (the creator of BSB); or buy our small booklet, “The Simple Storyline of the Bible” and read the story for yourself.
  • With your mind and heartunderstand and believe the life-giving story the Bible tells about who God is and who we are and what it means to follow Him. This isn’t “just another story.” This story can give you a whole new outlook on your life – today, tomorrow, and forever.

REHEARSE the Story

For God’s story to impact your story, and for you to be able to share it with others, you need to know how to tell the story. Our 15 StoryBoard pictures will help you do that!

  • We’d recommend you make it your aim to learn the 15 StoryBoards in chronological order, along with the key word(s) of each StoryBoard and one or two key facts behind each StoryBoard. This will get you off to a great start.
  • Then intentionally spend time meditating on and rehearsing the storyline of each individual StoryBoard, and eventually the entire story.

SHARE the Story

One of the greatest joys in life, is sharing what benefits us with others. Especially when it comes to the story of who God is, and who we are, and what it means to follow Him.

  • Like you share pictures that tell the story of your life, these 15 pictures that tell God’s story can bring others life-changing joy, faith, hope and love.
  • Bible StoryBoards can help you share God’s story in an interesting and compelling way.  
  • There are people all around you who are open to hearing God’s life-giving story. Your readiness and willingness to share this story could forever change others’ lives. 

Can you think of someone who could benefit from God's life-giving story?

Great - so let's get started

On Your Own

If you like to figure things out for yourself, we can supplement your resources with a few more that you may find helpful.

  • Check out our StoryBoards web pages starting here where you can find the basic info needed to show & tell God’s life-giving story.
  • Email us and we will give you our digital  StoryBoards 15-color and/or black & white pictures.
  • Buy one or both of our books: Bible StoryBoards and The Simple Storyline of the Bible

With a Community

If you like the support of others as you are learning new things, you are welcome to join our Bible StoryBoards Community and begin to benefit from our twice a month Zoom gatherings where you will receive the following and more.

  • Our books: Bible StoryBoards and The Simple Storyline of the Bible.
  • Our StoryBoards: 15 color and/or black & white pictures. 
  • Our God’s Life-Giving Story 21-day devotional book. 
  • Access to our “Learn and Draw It” videos. 
  • Our 15 StoryBoard founder explanation videos.
  • Our BSB fun and games learning resources.

By Virtual Mentorship

If you would like the support of our Bible StoryBoard (BSB) Community, and also a private monthly virtual mentorship meeting with Dave Gudgel, where you set the agenda and have Dave’s undivided attention, this limited opportunity may be right for you.

This virtual mentorship opportunity includes:

  • All of the “With a Community” benefits including the twice a month Zoom gathering with our BSB Community.
  • A monthly 50-minute virtual mentorship appointment with Dave Gudgel.
  • A Bible StoryBoards “God’s Life-Giving Story” long-sleeve shirt.