Click on the pictures below for the simple story of what was happening during that period in biblical history. A more detailed explanation of the story behind each picture is available in the Bible StoryBoards app and book, along with additional devotional content.

StoryBoard 1: Beginnings

Storyboard 1: Beginnings


StoryBoard 2: Sin

Storyboard 2: Sin


StoryBoard 3: Chosen People

Storyboard 3: Chosen People


StoryBoard 4: Moses

Storyboard 4: Moses


StoryBoard 5: Wandering

Storyboard 5: Wandering


StoryBoard 6: Promised Land

Storyboard 6: Promised Land


StoryBoard 7: Judges

Storyboard 7: Judges


StoryBoard 8: Kings

Storyboard 8: Kings


StoryBoard 9: Consequences

Storyboard 9: Consequences


StoryBoard 10: Return

Storyboard 10: Return


StoryBoard 11: Waiting

Storyboard 11: Waiting


StoryBoard 12: Jesus

Storyboard 12: Jesus


StoryBoard 13: Holy Spirit

Storyboard 13: Holy Spirit


StoryBoard 14: Making Disciples

Storyboard 14: Making Disciples


StoryBoard 15: New Beginnings

Storyboard 15: New Beginnings


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