Are You Prepared For the End Times that the Bible Talks About?

According to the Bible, there is a day ahead when this world as we know it will end. God will eliminate all evil and create a new earth for those who have chosen to follow Him. Bible StoryBoards can help you understand the story of God and man and the history & future of this world.

Time is Counting Down

Time is Counting Down

We’ve divided the Bible into fifteen eras in history. It begins with the creation of life on this planet. It takes us through the history of this world and explains why things are such a mess and what God has done to make it possible for us to walk with Him in spite of our sin.

Our Part in the Story

We are currently living in the era of StoryBoard 14. It’s been going on for the past 2,000 years. It’s the era in the story when God is giving His followers time to tell the world what Jesus has done for us.

The End Times?

One day this era will be over and the time of StoryBoard 15 will begin. When things have gotten worse and worse in this world with famines, wars, disease, hate, misery, fear… God will intervene. There will be a final battle between good and evil, and good will win.

What happens to you depends on the choice you make. Will you choose to stand with God, or not?

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Take time to understand what the Bible has to say about what this world and the future are all about. Buy Bible StoryBoards today.

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