Are You Ready to Share the Gospel Whenever God Opens a Door?

Jesus asks His followers to be ready to tell others about what He has done for us. Are you watching for open doors and prepared to share His story? Bible StoryBoards can help you learn the simple story of the Bible and then share it with others.

God Will Open Doors if You Are Ready to Share
God Will Open Doors if You Are Ready to Share

With our 15 Pictures and the storyline that goes with them, you will be able to fit all the pieces of the Bible together into the one main story that it tells from Genesis to Revelation. It’s the story of His relentless pursuit of a relationship with us.

It’s the story God wants everyone to know.

An Easy Way to Share

Once you understand the storyline you can easily tell others the story as you flip through the 15 pictures in our app on your phone. It’s a very simple, nonthreatening way to let others know what the Bible is all about.

Once you are prepared to share the story, begin watching for opportunities that God brings your way for you to share it with others. By living a life of love among the lost world around you, He will open doors for you to tell others His story.

Let Bible StoryBoards help you know and share the story of the Bible.

Bible StoryBoards Book
Bible StoryBoards Book
God’s Life-Giving Story booklet

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