Storyboard 2: Sin

Storyboard 2: Sin

Adam & Eve were placed in a perfect world so together they could enjoy a relationship with God. There was only one thing God told them not to do. He told them not to eat from one particular fruit tree that was in the Garden of Eden. And what did Adam & Eve do? They did that one thing. They ate the fruit from that one forbidden tree. And with that one bad decision, sin entered the world and everything changed. They were driven out of the Garden of Eden and life became very hard. Yet God continued to provide for them and care for them.

As the population of the world grew, sin also spread among mankind. Things eventually got so bad that God sent a flood to wipe out all those who refused to turn from their wickedness and turn back to God. Yet God provided a way of escape through Noah and his family.

After the flood, the world began repopulating through Noah’s descendants. For a time mankind walked with God again, but eventually they chose to turn from God and to their own sinful ways once again. But this time, instead of sending another flood and starting over again, God miraculously caused the people to begin speaking in different languages at the Tower of Babel. As the people grouped together with those they could understand, they ended up spreading throughout the known world. God’s desire was that in these smaller groups they would remember their need for Him and turn back to Him.


Man messes up and paradise is lost.

Genesis 3-11

Adam & Eve

2000+ years

Genesis 2:17 – “But you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.”

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