Dear Christian, I Might Believe in Jesus If I Could See Him in Your Life

I don’t come from a religious family. We didn’t go to church or Sunday School. My parents said we didn’t need it. That it wasn’t for people like us. So I don’t really know much about Jesus or the Bible.

Would Someone See Jesus in You?

Would Someone See Jesus in You?

But I would kind of like to know more. Just in case there really is some truth behind it all.  And because sometimes… it just seems like there’s something missing. That there might be something more.

But I’ve also heard a lot about “Christians” from the news and from professors at school. And what I’ve seen and heard isn’t very pretty. So if you call yourself a Christian, and you really believe in Jesus and God and all that the Bible teaches, please… let me see it in your life. Then I just might ask you to tell me what it’s all about.

Bible StoryBoards can help you understand the bottom line story of the Bible and what it really means to be a follower of God. As the story unfolds in our book or app, you’ll see that God wants His followers to love Him and to love others. He wants us to live like Jesus in this world. He wants people to see love and justice and peace and grace displayed in our day-to-day lives for all to see.

“Let your light shine before men so they will see your good works and glorify God.” Matthew 5:16


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