Dear Pastor – Are You Making Disciples or Simply Building a “Church”?

Bible StoryBoards is a tool pastors can use to make sure they are focusing on what is most important to God – making disciples who make disciples.

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Something to Keep in Mind Next Time You Teach

I’m a pastor’s wife, so I can say firsthand that many pastors spend most of their time on stuff related to keeping their church running smoothly. All the programs and problems and people that make up the organized church can easily take over their schedules. It takes intentional effort to make following Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 28 your priority, both in your personal life and in your ministry at your church.

Bible StoryBoards can help you and your congregation focus on what’s really important to God. As you journey through the Bible with our 15 StoryBoards you will see the simplicity of God’s plan and what He wants from us.

  • He wants to have a relationship with us. Not a religion, a relationship.
  • He wants us to love Him and follow Him.
  • He wants us to love others as we live life with both believers and those who are far from God.
  • He wants us to be disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your primary focus, and the primary focus of each of your church members, was to connect with the lost world around you so God can use you to bring people to Christ and then help them become disciples who make disciples too.


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