If you are discipling a new believer, taking a journey through the Bible with them can help both of you focus on the bottom line of what the Bible is all about.

Ready to Learn
Ready to Learn

There are so many things older Christians think new Christians need to know. And when we’re discipling a new believer it can seem overwhelming. But our expectations of “the Christian life” are often much different than God’s.

This is What God Wants Most

When we focus on the bottom line story of the Bible, it’s very clear that our expectations are often more like the Pharisees than like Jesus. Over and over again throughout biblical history, God tried to help people understand that He simply wants us to love Him, and to follow Him, and to love others.

This Is What Matters Most

Our 15 Bible StoryBoards can help you and the person you are discipling see what really matters to God. As you journey through the simple storyline of the Bible, you will clearly see how God has relentlessly pursued a relationship with us, in spite of how hard we make it for Him! And you will see what really matters to God as we walk with Him.

This story is told in the Bible StoryBoards book which you can purchase by clicking the book link below. 

Bible StoryBoards Book
Bible StoryBoards Book


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