God Created a Beautiful World For Us to Live in With Him

When God created this world He wanted it to be a place that we could walk in with Him. Originally, it was a perfect world filled with love and peace and beauty. But because of our sin, things changed drastically – both in our relationship with God and in the world itself.

A Needed Glimpse of a Better World

A Needed Glimpse of a Better World

Bible StoryBoards is a book that will help you understand the story of God and man and this world from the Bible’s perspective. It summarizes the story that is woven through the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

A Story You Need to Know

With 15 StoryBoards (15 pictures and a simple storyline) you will learn what the Bible has to say about:

  • The world God created for us
  • How our sin messed everything up
  • God’s plan to save us from our sin
  • The choice we each must make
  • The new world that is coming

As you walk through this fallen world, let the glimpses of beauty that you see remind you of the better world that God wants you to live in, and the relationship He wants to have with you.

Buy Bible StoryBoards by clicking on the picture below, and let it help you understand the amazing story of God and man and this world that the Bible tells.

Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book



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