Does God Still Want His Followers to Obey the Ten Commandments Today?

Bible StoryBoards can help you understand how the Ten Commandments fit into your life. With our 15 simple pictures we will explain the story of the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation. Once you understand that story, you will see the purpose and meaning of the Ten Commandments and how they relate today.

What's the Point of the Thou Shalts?

Ten Commandments Too Many?

StoryBoard 4 is called Moses. In this era of biblical history we see how God took a family – the descendants of Abraham – and turned them into a mighty nation. He had a special purpose for this nation, which would benefit the entire world. Through them, the promised messiah would one day come and make it possible for everyone to walk with God, forever.

The 2 Things That Matter Most

While they waited for that promised one, God gave them the Ten Commandments to set them apart from the other nations and…

  • To tell them what it means to love God (commandments 1-4)
  • To tell them what it means to love each other (commandments 5-10)

Those are the two things God has asked of men since the beginning of time. When Jesus came (StoryBoard 12) He told His followers that the entire law can be followed by loving God and loving others.

Check It Out For Yourself

Our book and app  can help you come to understand the amazing story of God’s love for us that’s told in the Bible. And that you will also see that the heart of the Ten Commandments is meant for all of us today too!

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