How Do the Old Testament and the New Testament Fit Together?

Bible StoryBoards can help you see how the Old Testament and New Testament fit together into one grand story of God and man. With our StoryBoards we will take you through the fifteen eras of biblical history that are told in the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation. As that story unfolds you will see how the New Testament completes the story that was begun in the Old Testament.

The Pieces Will All Fit Together

The Pieces Will All Fit Together

The Good

StoryBoard One talks about how God created the world so He could have a relationship with us.

The Bad

StoryBoard Two tells how men struggled with following God. When they went their own way, they ended up in trouble. We call it sin.

The Promise

StoryBoards Three through Ten tell us about the family God chose to use in a special way. He promised that Abraham’s family – who eventually became the Jewish people – would be used to bless the entire world. One of their descendants would provide the way for everyone to walk with God again.

That finishes the historical account that’s found in the Old Testament. Four hundred years later the era of the New Testament began.

The Solution

The New Testament story is told in StoryBoards 12-15. It’s the amazing story of God’s answer to His promise. It tells us how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection provided the way for everyone to come back into a relationship with God, forever.

As you read through our book or app you will see the simply storyline that is woven through both the Old and New Testaments.

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Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book




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