Bible StoryBoards Book



The Gudgels want to help you do something most people can’t do – tell the story of the Bible from beginning to end. With their 15 simple pictures, you can know and share the amazing story of God’s love for us. Do you like pictures? And stories? Most of us do. And when we put the two together we can remember just about anything. Like with photographs from a vacation. Every picture helps tell the story of what you did. The fun you had. The people you were with. You had the time of your life and you can remember it and talk about it with those pictures – forever! In a similar way, Bible StoryBoards will help you know and tell others the story of the Bible. The story of God’s relentless pursuit of a loving relationship with people like us – who haven’t made it easy for Him! Once you understand the basic storyline of the Bible, the message of this incredible love story will come alive to you like never before. You’ll read it with greater understanding and share its message with greater passion and excitement – with fifteen simple pictures that you could sketch out on a napkin.