Set Your Own Schedule For Teaching Through the Story of the Bible

Bible StoryBoards can easily be adapted to fit any schedule for teaching the bottom line story of the Bible. It is a great way to help people understand the simple story of God and man that is woven through the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation.

One Session

The 15 StoryBoards and the storyline that goes with them can be taught in one session. The students will see the primary message and flow of the Bible, and they will come away with a good basis for seeing how all the individual parts of the Bible fit into the story.

Three Sessions

The storyline can also be divided into three sessions.

  • StoryBoards 1 & 2 focus on God’s initial relationship with mankind as it takes you from creation through the Tower of Babel.
  • StoryBoards 3–11 focus on God’s promise and plan to provide a way for all to come back into a relationship with Him, in spite of our sin, as we follow the story of Abraham and his descendants (the Jews).
  • StoryBoards 12-15 focus on God’s fulfillment of that promise, through Jesus, and our part in that story today.

Fifteen Sessions

The most thorough way to teach through the storyline would be to take one StoryBoard at a time. With this schedule, you will have the time to dig deeper into each era of biblical history, and you will also be able to briefly connect other familiar Bible stories to each StoryBoard.

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