Sometimes Walking With God in this Fallen World Gets Messy

When you understand what the story of the Bible has to say about walking with God, you’ll discover the journey can get messy. Bible StoryBoards wants to help you understand that story and help you see what God wants from you and for you.

Love Is More Than a Warm Feeling

Love Is More Than a Warm Feeling

Walking Through a Fallen World

As our 15 StoryBoards take you through the story of God and man that is told in the Bible, you’ll see that following God involves living life in the midst of a fallen world. And God asks us to be a light in the midst of that darkness.

StoryBoard 14 covers the part of the story that we are living in today. God doesn’t want us to hide away from the world inside our pretty church buildings. He wants us to live life among the lost world around us. He wants us to love them like Jesus did.

Love Can Be Messy

The simple story of the Bible shows us that walking with God is all about love. And love isn’t always neat and tidy. It takes work. And it will often take us to places we didn’t expect to go. Some people will be easy to love, but some won’t. And sometimes in order to show them God’s love we’ll have to get dirty.

Where is God Leading You?

It’s our hope that Bible StoryBoards will help you understand what it really means to walk with God. You can buy the book here. Simply click on the book picture below.

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