The Bible Can Show You the Path God Wants You to Take

The bottom line story of the Bible can help you clearly see the direction God wants you to take for your life. Bible StoryBoards can help you understand that story and what it has to say about what God wants from you.


Follow God’s Path to Life

When you follow the storyline of the Bible you see there are three things God clearly wants for your life. If you will follow those three things, everything else will fall into place.

1. God wants you to love Him

That love will be demonstrated by trusting Him and following His ways, instead of going your own way.

2. God wants you to love others.

He wants you to walk through your days – at home, in your neighborhood, at school, at work – demonstrating His love in tangible ways to others. This will include living life with:

  • a group of close Christian friends that you meet with and eat with and pray with and encourage each other in your walk with God
  • people who are far from God that you meet with and eat with and play with and pray for and love unconditionally

3. God wants you to tell others about what He has done for us through Jesus.

He wants you to tell them the simple story of the Bible – God’s relentless pursuit of a relationship with us.

Let Bible StoryBoards help you know God’s path for your life and then share His story with others.

Learn more today. Check out our Bible StoryBoards book by clicking on the picture link below.

Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book




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