The Bible Clearly Lays Out Before Us the Choice We All Have to Make

Bible StoryBoards wants to help you understand the story of the Bible, and as the story unfolds you will see God has given each of us a choice we must make. It’s the most important choice you will ever face.

The Choice Before You

The Choice Before You

God created us so we could walk in a loving relationship with Him. But He gives each one of us the opportunity to choose if we want to follow Him or not. We can choose to believe in Him and trust Him, or we can turn away from Him and go our own way.

The Choice Is Clear

The story of God and man that is told in the Bible shows:

  • Everyone throughout history has had to make that choice
  • Most of the time people have chosen to go their own way instead of God’s
  • When they choose to go their own way, things end badly
  • God gives life and guidance and purpose to those who choose to follow Him
  • Someday the time for choosing will end for each of us, and where we stand with God at that time will determine our future for eternity
  • One day God is going to set everything right and create a new world for all those who have chosen to follow Him

The Choice Is Yours

God doesn’t force anyone to believe in Him or follow Him. In Bible StoryBoards we want to help you understand the bottom line story of the Bible so you can clearly see the choice that is laid out before you, and choose wisely.


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Bible StoryBoards Book



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