The One Thing God Wants From You According to the Bible

Many people spend their lives trying to figure out if there is a God and, if there is, what He wants from us. Bible StoryBoards was written to help you understand what the Bible has to say about who God is and what it means to walk with Him.

What Does God Want?

What Does God Want?

Our 15 StoryBoards take you through the bottom line story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. It’s the story of God’s relentless pursuit of a relationship with us.

Throughout the story, from the very beginning to the very end, it’s clear what God wants from us.

Love God

God wants us to love Him. He wants us to walk with Him in a day-to-day relationship. Not a religion. A relationship. He wants us to follow His ways instead of going our own way.

Love Others

He also wants us to love others. He wants us to live our lives among the lost world around us, showing them His love in tangible ways. And He wants the love we have for each other as Christians to shine so bright it will draw others into God’s family.

That’s it. According to the Bible, God wants you to love Him and love others.

Let Bible StoryBoards help you understand the life-changing story of the Bible, and the life God wants you to live. You can buy the book by clicking on the picture below.

Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book



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