Bible StoryBoards can help you discover the three most important things God wants you to know. As we take you through the simple storyline of the Bible with our 15 StoryBoards, you will see the bottom line of what God wants from you and for you.

See What's the Bible Says is Most Important
See What the Bible Says is Most Important

You Gotta Know This

The Bible clearly shows us what is important to God. When we see the world and our lives from His perspective, we see…

  1. God created this world so we could walk in a loving relationship with Him. His greatest desire is for us to love Him and to follow His leading as we walk through this world.
  2. God wants us to love others. He wants us to wake up each morning and ask Him to use our lives to love the people who cross our path that day. And then He wants us to do it again the next day – letting God love others through our hands and feet and words and money and time…
  3. God wants those of us who have chosen to follow Him to help others comes to know about His love for them. He wants us to make disciples – to help others see what God has done for them through Jesus.

Now That You Know This

Those three things are at what the Bible is trying to tell us. They are what God wants from us and for us. It’s our hope that Bible StoryBoards will help you make them a reality in your life.

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