Two Important First Steps for New Christians as They Walk with God

There are two things that can help every new Christian focus on what is really important. If you make these two things a priority as you begin walking with God, you won’t be distracted by other “religious stuff” that often sidetracks us from what God really wants from us and for us.

A Life Changing Walk

  1. Remember that your walk with God is about a relationship, not a religion. He doesn’t care if you call yourself Baptist or Presbyterian or Catholic. He doesn’t care if you meet with other believers on Sunday mornings or Tuesday nights. He loves you. He wants you to love Him. He wants you to let Him walk with you day-by-day.
  2. God wants you to choose to follow Him and His ways. He created us. He knows what’s best for us. And the bottom line of how He wants you to live is summed up in simply loving God and loving others. That’s it. If you want clearer instructions than that, spend some time in the Bible reading through Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and see how Jesus lived. Then check out the letters in the New Testament that were written to the first Christians.

Bible StoryBoards can be a great tool to help you understand the bottom line story of the Bible. And as you see that story unfold, you’ll get a good picture of what’s most important to God as you walk with Him.

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Bible StoryBoards Book



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