Walking With God Isn’t About Our Religion; It’s About Our Heart

The story of the Bible shows that God looks at our hearts to see who we really are, and not at the religious things we do. Bible StoryBoards can help you see that truth as we take you through the bottom line message of the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation.

God Looks at our Heart

God Looks at our Heart

Walk in Love

As the story unfolds through our 15 StoryBoards, you will see that from the very beginning of this world God has wanted to have a relationship with us. He wants us to walk with Him in love, not in a religion. And He wants us to walk with each other in love. That’s the bottom line of what God wants from us. It’s about the heart, which then shows itself in our actions.

Not This Way

Biblical history shows that there are two main ways that people turn away from God. One is to simply say no to God and do whatever we want instead. The other way is trickier. Time and again people have taken something that may have started out with good intentions, but it ended up as a religious system of do’s and don’ts that has nothing to do with actually walking with God and each other in love.

This Matters Most

It’s our hope that if you spend time reading through Bible StoryBoards you will come to understand that God doesn’t care so much about your “religion” but He cares a lot about your heart.


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Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book



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