Why Have People Through the Years Made Such a Big Deal About Jesus?

Bible StoryBoards can help you understand why Jesus is such a big deal. As you come to understand the simple storyline of the Bible, you will be able to clearly see who Jesus is and why He is the most important person who has ever lived on earth.

Jesus Christ: The Son of God

Jesus Christ: The Son of God

We Messed Up. Big Time

The Bible tells us that God created this world and mankind so we could walk in a loving relationship with Him. But because He gave us a free will, we have a hard time following God and often go our own way. And over and over again in the Bible we see that things don’t end well for us when we go our own way instead of God’s.

God Didn’t Give Up

Because we humans tend to default to sin, throughout biblical history God offered grace and forgiveness over and over again when men turned back to Him. But He also knew that men could not make it back to God on their own. So He promised to send the Messiah who would make it possible for anyone to walk with God, forever.

Jesus Came to Bring Us Back to God

The Messiah He sent was Jesus. Jesus’ life & death & resurrection provide life to anyone who believes and chooses to follow Him. He makes it possible for us to walk with God. Where our works fail, His work on our behalf succeeded.

As you read through Bible StoryBoards it’s our hope that you will see the importance of what Jesus has done for you.

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