When Jesus Rose From the Dead Everything Changed Forever For Everyone

Easter is the day we celebrate the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead. Bible StoryBoards can help you see how that event changed the course of history forever, for everyone.

Easter Celebrates Jesus' Resurrection

Easter Celebrates Jesus’ Resurrection

A Personal Relationship With God

Bible StoryBoards takes you through the bottom line story of the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation. As you follow the storyline you will clearly see how God has been pursuing a relationship with us since the beginning of this world. But you will also see that throughout biblical history men have turned away from God to go their own way. Our sin has separated us from God.

But Our Sins Separate Us From God

But in God’s love for us, from the moment sin first entered this world, He set in motion a plan to make it possible for us to walk with Him again. Jesus was the answer to our problem. What we couldn’t do on our own, Jesus did for us through His life, death, and resurrection.

Jesus Made Eternal Life Possible For All Who Believe

Jesus now provides the way for us to walk with God, forever. His life showed us how God wants us to live. His death paid for our sins. His resurrection demonstrates the power God has over death itself, and His ability to give that life to us too.

It’s our hope that Bible StoryBoards will help you see the amazing love that God has for you, and that you will believe and receive the life He is offering you.

Our Bible StoryBoards book can help you learn the simple storyline of the Bible. Check it out by clicking on the book link below.

Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book



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