Why Doesn’t God Just Answer My Prayer Instead of Making Me Wait?

Bible StoryBoards can help you see that even during times of waiting, God is still at work. He hasn’t forgotten us. He has a plan. And though it’s not easy, the best thing we can do is trust Him and wait for Him to show us His answer to our prayers.

Where is God in my Waiting?

Where is God in my Waiting?

God is Working

When you understand the simple storyline of the Bible it becomes clear that God is always at work in and around our lives, and in the world. Even when it may seem like He is not.

StoryBoard 11 is about the 400 years between the end of Old Testament history and the beginning of New Testament history. It’s a time of waiting. God doesn’t speak through a burning bush, or lead in a cloud, or send prophets to guide those who are seeking Him. He is silent. But He is still working. During those years He prepared the world for the most amazing answer to prayer in all of history – the arrival of the Messiah who would make it possible for anyone to walk with God again, in spite of their sin.

Worth the Wait

Those 400 years of waiting were definitely worth the wait. The work that God was doing during that time was really important. And the result of that work is still changing lives today.

It’s our hope that Bible StoryBoards will help you understand the amazing story of God and that it will give you hope as you wait for His answers in your life.

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