StoryBoard 16 – Your Story

Bible StoryBoards has two primary purposes. One is to help you understand the simple yet life-changing story of the Bible. The second is to give you a tool so you can then share that story with others. If you are a follower of Christ, you can now use these StoryBoards to share the amazing story […]

StoryBoard 15 – New Beginnings

The Bible ends where it begins, with a choice. From the very beginning God intentionally chose to give man a choice. It’s up to each of us to decide if we’re going to do life His way or our own way. And as we’ve seen throughout the story of the Bible and now in the […]

StoryBoard 14 – Making Disciples

The letters that are found in the New Testament are filled with truth about what God has done for us through Jesus, and instructions on how God now wants His followers to live. It’s not complicated. God asks us to love Him and to love others. It’s the same thing He’s been asking of us […]

StoryBoard 13 – Holy Spirit

It’s amazing when you look at the people God entrusted with the task of telling the entire world about the incredible thing He had done to bring mankind back into a relationship with Him. These men and women, Jesus’ frightened and confused followers, were just ordinary people. They each had strengths but they also had […]

StoryBoard 12 – Jesus

Of the millions of books in print, and the millions yet to be published, I want to encourage you to devote priority time and energy to the first four books of the New Testament – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These books tell us about how God finally fulfilled His promise to make it possible […]

StoryBoard 11 – Waiting

Times of silence don’t mean that nothing is happening. What may seem like waiting too long, isn’t, when God is working to set His perfect plan in place. If we could only see life from God’s perspective, we would realize that He is always at work. That was the case during the 400 years between […]

StoryBoard 10 – Return

Once again, as the Children of Israel found themselves suffering in exile away from their homeland, they cried out to God for help. You’d think God would eventually get tired of forgiving and rescuing His stubborn children. We would certainly understand if this time He had said “Enough is enough. If you think you can […]

StoryBoard 9 – Consequences

From the beginning God gave man a choice. He wanted people to choose to love Him, intentionally, by an act of their will. He wants people to love Him for who He is. To trust His ways and His words. To say no to what He says no to, and yes to what He says […]

StoryBoard 8 – Kings

A good beginning doesn’t guarantee a good end. Israel’s first three kings – Saul, David, and Solomon – all learned that lesson the hard way. If we’re smart, we’ll learn from their failures rather than making the same mistakes ourselves. Solomon got off to a great start. When God said He would give him anything […]

StoryBoard 7 – Judges

Once the Children of Israel took over the land of Canaan, life was good. It was a land “flowing with milk and honey.” They had homes and barns and flocks and vineyards and orchards. Life became very easy for God’s chosen people. But as we’ve seen before in the story of man that’s found in […]