Is the Bible More than Just a Bunch of Random Sunday School Stories?

The Bible is more than just a bunch of random stories. Its bottom line is actually one grand story that tells us about God’s relentless pursuit of a relationship with man, even though we’ve made it very hard for Him! It’s Your Choice Bible StoryBoards helps explain that simple but beautiful story. From the beginning […]

If “Jesus is the Answer,” What is the Question I Should Be Asking?

The bottom line story of the Bible shows us that Jesus is the answer to the question that both God and men have been asking since the beginning of this world – How will sinful people ever be able to walk with God? In Bible StoryBoards we want to help you understand that amazing story […]

Ready to Tell the Story of the Bible When the Opportunity Arises

Taking it Easy at Santana Row Plaza

Last Friday (my day off) my wife and I spent most of our day hanging out at an outdoor shopping mall in the Silicon Valley. We didn’t do much shopping, but we did a lot of reading, talking, drinking lattes, and chatting with a very nice young couple that we met while sitting around a […]

Spiritual Conversations Can Happen in Many Different Places

A Life-Changing Fishing Trip?

If you are a Christian, are you prepared to share the Gospel whenever God opens the door? It could happen any time and anywhere, and God wants you to be ready. Bible StoryBoards can help you know and share the simple story of God and man that the Bible tells. When God opens a door for […]

Is the Hope of Peace on Earth a Pipe Dream?

The Hope of Christmas

Ever since Adam and Eve chose to go their own way instead of God’s, we human beings have struggled with sin. Sin within ourselves. Sin in those around us. And that is painfully still true and evident in the world we live in today. Sin continues to rob this world of the peace that God […]

You Can Put All the Pieces of the Bible Together into One Story

A Framework For Putting the Pieces Together

Bible StoryBoards was written to help you understand how all the parts of the Bible fit together into the one story God wants everyone to know. Once you understand that simple storyline that is woven through the entire Bible, the rest of the Bible will come alive in a new and exciting way as you […]

Why My Love for God Is Greater Today Than It Was Twelve Months Ago

God's Love is on Display for All to See

Over the past year as my wife and I wrote Bible StoryBoards my love for God increased. I must admit that I was a little surprised by that. While I was trying my best to accurately summarize the bottom line story of the Bible, God got a hold of my soul and would not let […]

If You Love Vacation Pictures, You’ll Love Bible StoryBoards

A gorgeous Montana sunset

I don’t take a lot of pictures when our family is away on vacation. I don’t have to. Every other member of our family has the picture-taking thing covered. But I love the pictures they take – especially the ones that include me. Not because I look so great, but because I’m so thankful I’m […]

Bible StoryBoards Got Its Start in a San Francisco Bay Area Coffee Shop

It may surprise you to know that Bible StoryBoards got its start in a Sunnyvale coffee shop. In some ways that seems fitting since Sunnyvale is right in the middle of the Silicon Valley where start-ups are common. Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Apple, Genentech, Cisco, Google, Craig’s List, Hotmail, Fry’s Electronics, Yahoo, Netflix, eBay, You Tube, Twitter […]