A Women’s Bible Study to Help You See You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

When you know the bottom line story of the Bible you will see that we are part of a long line of imperfect people whom God has loved and cared for since the beginning of this world. He knows us completely. He sees all our flaws and weaknesses. In spite of our sin, He loves us and offers grace and forgiveness and life.

A Gift from God to Imperfect You

A Gift from God to Imperfect You

Relentless Love…

Bible StoryBoards can help you understand that amazing story of God and man that’s told in the Bible. It’s the story of His relentless pursuit of a relationship with us, in spite of our sin.

As women we often feel so much pressure to do so many things and to do them all really well. We try to be the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect homemaker, the perfect friend, the perfect employee or boss. We even feel the pressure to have the perfect body – whether we work hard for it or don’t even try.

For Imperfect People

With our Bible StoryBoards for Groups curriculum, you can take your Women’s Bible Study on a journey through the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation. And as the story unfolds, you will all see how God used imperfect people like us to accomplish His plan in the world.

The book or app will give leaders a more in-depth explanation of the storyline. The app also becomes a great tool for everyone to help them share the story of the Bible with others by simply flipping through the pictures on their phone!


Check out our book or app for more help. Simply click on the picture links below.




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