Is the Bible Relevant to My Life Today or is it Just An Old Book?

The Bible is still relevant to our lives today because the story it tells isn’t finished yet. Bible StoryBoards can help you understand that story and how it connects with your life.

You Can Understand the Bible

You Can Understand the Bible

See the Simple Story

We’ve taken the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – and divided it into fifteen chronological eras in the history of this world and man. As the story unfolds through our 15 StoryBoards and the storyline that goes with them, you will see the simple story of God’s relentless pursuit of a relationship with us that is told in the Bible.

See Yourself in the Story

Though much of the Bible is about events that happened thousands of years ago, the story isn’t finished yet. All of the things that happened in StoryBoards 1-13 were leading up to where we are today. And the events that happened during those times changed everything for us.

StoryBoard 14 is the era in biblical history that we are living in today! And the choices you make now will determine how your life will play out when the time of StoryBoard 15 finally arrives some day in the future.

See What the Story Means Today

The Bible is the most important book you could ever read. With Bible StoryBoards we want to help you understand the simple, bottom line story of the Bible so you can clearly see how it fits into your life today.

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