Bible StoryBoards is Helping Me Courageously Share the Gospel with Unbelievers

When it comes to verbally sharing the Gospel with others, most Christ-followers don’t. It’s not that we don’t want to. Most of us just aren’t sure what to say or how to say it.

This Could Be You
This Could Be You

We know Jesus told us to go and make disciples – to tell people everywhere what He has done for us. But three obstacles often stand in the way of us faithfully sharing our faith with others.

  1. We are afraid to talk about spiritual things
  2. We are unable to transition into a conversation about spiritual things
  3. We are unsure what to say about spiritual things.

Bible StoryBoards is helping me get beyond these three witnessing hurdles. And I believe it can do the same thing for you that it’s doing for me.

Bible StoryBoards can strengthen your courage to talk about spiritual things

If it’s hard for you to get up the nerve to talk about your faith, you need to know you are not alone. Even the Apostle Paul had to be encouraged by the Lord to speak boldly. Even after all of the witnessing he had done on his second missionary journey, while in Corinth the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision and said, “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent” (Acts 18:9).

There it is – the fear factor that can keep many of us from ever saying anything about our faith. Bible StoryBoards is helping me overcome that fear. It’s given me a tool that is increasing my courage, in part because people love pictures and stories. Every time I pull out my phone and use the app to share the story of God’s relentless pursuit of an eternal relationship with us, unbelievers pay attention. They’re interested, and that gives me more courage.

Bible StoryBoards can help you transition a conversation to spiritual things

I love to ask people questions. In fact in my thirty plus years of asking people questions about their spiritual journey, I’ve yet to have someone reply, “How dare you ask me about my spiritual life.  That’s none of your business.”

That’s never happened. I’ve actually found the opposite reaction. People are willing to talk about their spiritual life. Bible StoryBoards has given me a new way to open up a spiritual conversation. By simply asking, “Has anyone ever helped you understand the story of the Bible?” even those who have no interest in the Bible are interested in knowing the story of the Bible. That’s because most don’t have a clue what it is. People know stories from the Bible, but very few know the story of the Bible.

Bible StoryBoards can help you tell the greatest love story ever

Once a person expresses an interest in knowing the story of the Bible, I pull out a pen or open the Bible StoryBoards app and in matter of minutes I use 15 pictures to tell them the greatest love story ever told. I have to tell you, being able to do this has been awesome.

Sometimes I don’t make it very far into the story because of questions or comments from the person I am talking to. The story leads us into spiritual discussions! Which is great because it usually opens the door for further conversations in the future, so we can finish the story. Like the ongoing one I am having right now with one of my Muslim friends. Not long ago our conversation about spiritual things turned toward the message of the Bible. So I pulled out the Bible StoryBoards app. Of the 15 pictures we could have gone through, we only got through the first three that day during our lunch together. We are still meeting for lunches and working our way through the other 12 pictures. I can hardly wait to see where our conversations lead as my friend is coming to understand how God wants a relationship with him through Jesus Christ. All because I’m telling him the simple story of the Bible with 15 pictures on my phone.

One thing is for sure, I am grateful for how Bible StoryBoards is helping me share the Gospel in a meaningful and interesting way with others.

You can get the app here. Simply click on the picture below.

Bible StoryBoards App
Bible StoryBoards App




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