Bible StoryBoards Makes It Easy for Me to Help Others Understand the Bible

Recently while I was on a flight from Los Angeles to Tucson, Bible StoryBoards made it easy for me to explain the story of the Bible to the passenger next to me. From beginning to end. In less than five minutes.

Bible StoryBoards App on an iPhone
Bible StoryBoards App on an iPhone

That’s one of my favorite benefits of Bible StoryBoards. If the opportunity presents itself, I can pull out my phone, open our Bible StoryBoards app, and easily flip through the 15 pictures and share the greatest love story ever known to man.

My Favorite Question to Ask Someone

I often have the opportunity to share the story of God’s relentless pursuit of a personal relationship with us because I frequently ask people this simple question: “Do you have any spiritual beliefs?” If you’ve been looking for a way to open up spiritual conversations, try asking that question sometime. You can ask someone you’ve known for a long time or someone you just met. And when you listen and appropriately respond to their answer, you may find yourself in a deep spiritual discussion. That’s what recently happened to me.

My seatmate revealed that she is still sorting out her spiritual beliefs, in part because of the death of two family members. The first was her oldest son who was killed in a car accident. A few years later her relatively young husband died of pancreatic cancer. As we talked about how she’s done in the aftermath of these tragic deaths, I asked, “How have the deaths of your son and husband impacted your view of God? Did they make you want to run to Him or away from Him?”

Her response was something like this. “I guess their deaths have got me thinking more about God. And not just me; my younger son too. In fact when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and was told it would most likely kill him, my son started going to church – which is something we as a family have never done. And as a result he’s become a Christian and was even baptized before my husband died.”

“That’s amazing,” I said. “You know the Bible tells us God loves all of us and wants a relationship with us. In fact, let me help you see this with some pictures…”

The Power of Pictures to Tell a Story

At that point I pulled out my phone, tapped the Bible StoryBoards icon, and began to flip through the 15 pictures as I told her the simple storyline of the Bible. She didn’t take her eyes off my phone as she intently listened to my explanation.

The flight ended with this woman thanking me for our conversation. I also thanked her for what she had shared with me. And it was all from a simple conversation, a simple question, and sharing the simple story of God’s love that the Bible tells as I flipped through 15 pictures on my phone.

Bible StoryBoards App
Bible StoryBoards App




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