Do Your “Church Kids” Really Understand the Story of the Bible?

Bible StoryBoards is a tool that can help you make sure your “church kids” understand the bottom line story of the Bible – the amazing story of God’s relentless pursuit of a relationship with us. That’s why He created this world. That’s why He chose the Children of Israel for a unique purpose. That’s why He sent Jesus.

What's the Bible All About?

What’s the Bible All About?

Whether you are a pastor, youth director, Sunday School teacher, or parent, it’s easy to assume that the kids are “getting it” simply because they attend church. But even though they know a lot of Bible stories, most kids (and most adults!) don’t understand how all those stories fit together into one grand story of God’s love for us.

Story the Storyline

Bible StoryBoards takes you on a journey through the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – with 15 pictures. Those StoryBoards, and the storyline behind them, will help you and the “church kids” you work with come to understand the bottom line message of the Bible. It’s clearly displayed when we step back from the individual stories to see the simple story that is woven throughout the Old and New Testaments.

And once you understand the story of God & man that’s told in the Bible:

  • The familiar stories that you already know will come alive in a whole new way
  • You will have a tool (check out our app) to then share that amazing story with others who need to know

Click on the picture link below for additional help:

Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book


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