Dear Pastor – Are You Teaching Your People God’s Plan, or Yours?

Bible StoryBoards can help you focus on the bottom line of what God expects from the people in your church. As you follow the simple story of God that is told in the Bible, that story will remind you of the most important things you can be teaching your people.

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The Opportunity in Front of You

This Matters Most

It’s very easy as pastors to come up with a list of 5 or 8 or 10 things your church members should commit to do. Those lists usually include things like regularly attending worship services, giving financially to the church, serving in your church, etc. All good things… but are they the primary things that God wants you to be encouraging your people to do? Or perhaps, does God care more about their own personal walk with Him than about what they are doing for your local organized church?

What Everyone Needs to Know and Do

A journey through the Bible with Bible StoryBoards will remind you (and your people) of the simple things God wants everyone to know and do:

  • God loves us and He created us so we can have a relationship with Him. Not a religion or an organized church. A relationship.
  • He wants us to love Him and follow His ways, day-by-day.
  • He wants us to love others – both fellow believers and those who are far from God.

Our Privilege and Responsibility

As a fellow pastor, I hope you will join me in teaching our people the primary things God wants from them, and then helping them walk closely with Him day-by-day.

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Bible StoryBoards Book

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Bible StoryBoards App


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