Learn to Draw 15 Simple Pictures that Can Help Change the World

You can talk someone through the entire storyline of the Bible with the 15 simple pictures found in Bible StoryBoards. From creation… to the Children of Israel… to Jesus & His disciples… to the new world that is to come, you can easily share with others the amazing story of God’s relentless pursuit of a relationship with us.

StoryBoard 13: The Holy Spirit

StoryBoard 13: The Holy Spirit

God has asked us as His followers to “be prepared at any time to give an answer to anyone who asks a reason for the hope you have within you.” {I Peter 3:15) With Bible StoryBoards we want to help you do that.

Step One – Memorize the 15 StoryBoards, their order, and the storyline that goes along with each one. The pictures can be found on our website with a brief description of the storyline. The StoryBoards and a more detailed storyline can be found in the app and book.

Step Two – Learn to draw the pictures. The simple black & white versions make it easy and fun.

Step Three – Watch for God to provide opportunities for you to share the simple story of the Bible with others. It could be with a family member, neighbor, co-worker, or someone sitting next to you on an airplane. If you’re prepared, God will open the door for you to share. And when you do, you’ll be ready to draw the pictures on a piece of paper or a napkin as you talk others through the amazing story of God’s love for them.

Let Bible StoryBoards help you understand the message that God wants you to share. Buy the book by clicking on the picture below.

Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book



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