The One Question God Is Watching You Answer Every Day of Your Life

When you follow the simple story of the Bible that is told through Bible StoryBoards, you will see the one question that God is asking you every day – “Do you love me?”

Would "yes" Be Your Answer?

Would “yes” Be Your Answer?

The bottom line story of the Bible shows us very clearly that God loves us and He wants us to love Him too. He wants to have a relationship with us. Not a religion, but a relationship.

Will You Follow Me?

As the storyline unfolds in Bible StoryBoards, you will see that throughout biblical history God offered to lead and provide for those who loved Him. And their love was demonstrated by following His ways instead of going their own way.

But over and over men chose to do what was right in their own eyes instead of trusting God and following Him. Yet God continued to offer grace and forgiveness and love when they would turn back to Him.

Does It Show?

The primary thing God wants us to do is love Him. But simply saying you love God isn’t enough. The truth of whether you love Him or not will be demonstrated in your life, day by day. Are you following His ways? Are you showing His love to the people around you? Are you putting His will above your own?

It’s our hope that the Bible StoryBoards app and book will help you understand God’s amazing love for you, and help you love Him too.

Do you love Him?

How you live your life each day will answer that question.

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Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book

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