What Does the Bible Have to Say About What God Wants From Me?

Bible StoryBoards can help you understand what the Bible has to say about what God wants from you and for you. As you follow the simple storyline of the Bible through our book or app, you’ll see that it’s much simpler than you may have thought.

Which Way Will You Go?

Which Way Will You Go?

Two Things God Wants

The story of God and man that’s found in the Bible shows us that God wants two things from us.

He wants us to love Him. That love will be demonstrated by following His ways.

He wants us to love the people we come in contact with in our day-to-day lives: family; friends; neighbors; co-workers; baristas.

So What Are the Rules?

When you see the story of God and man that the Bible tells, it’s clear that God wants to have a relationship with us. Not a religion, but a relationship. Jesus Himself told His followers that the entire law (which was a bunch of rules!) could be summarized in two things:  love God; love others.

God simply wants us to wake up each day and ask Him to help us…

  • make choices that will please Him
  • show His love to the people who cross our path

Check it Out for Yourself

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Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book