Why My Love for God Is Greater Today Than It Was Twelve Months Ago

God's Love is on Display for All to See
God’s Love Can Be Seen

Over the past year as my wife and I wrote Bible StoryBoards my love for God increased. I must admit that I was a little surprised by that. While I was trying my best to accurately summarize the bottom line story of the Bible, God got a hold of my soul and would not let go. I started to see God in ways that made me love Him even more.

In the Bible, God’s love is on display for all to see and to be changed by – in story after story and era after era. God, in words and actions, keeps repeating Himself:

“I love you. I really do.”

“I want a relationship with you. Now and forever.”

“Will you love me like I love you? Do you want me in your life?”

God Demonstrated His Love Over and Over and Over

Bible StoryBoards will help you see God’s amazing love on display throughout fifteen eras of biblical history. The depth and breadth of His love is beyond what we can understand. And it’s certainly beyond the limits of human love.

  • God showed His love in the beginning when He created a beautiful, perfect earth for us where we could live with Him and each other. (StoryBoards 1)
  • God showed His love to Adam and Eve when He extended their lives after they fell into sin. (StoryBoard 2)
  • God showed His love to the Chosen People by being faithful to them in spite of their lack of trust in Him. (StoryBoard 3 )
  • God showed His love through Moses when the children of Israel repeatedly rebelled on their journey to the Promised Land, yet God continued to provide for them, and lead them, and He gave them the land He had promised. (StoryBoards 4 and 6)
  • God showed His love in the Judges period when He kept rescuing His children from the painful consequences of doing things their own way instead of God’s way. (StoryBoard 7)
  • God showed His love when the Kings elevated their authority above God’s. God repeatedly called them back to Himself through prophets. (StoryBoard 8)
  • God showed His love when the Consequences of sin caught up with the Children of Israel. He could have left them for good in exile, but instead He rescued them and made it possible for them to return to their homeland. (StoryBoards 9 and 10)
  • God showed His love when He sent Jesus to give His life so that sinners like us might have life. Jesus is the ultimate expression and proof of God’s love. (StoryBoard 12)
  • God showed His love when He sent the Holy Spirit to live in His followers, so they might be supernaturally empowered and changed. (StoryBoard 13)
  • God showed His love when Jesus commissioned His followers to go and Make Disciples so all might come to Jesus and become like Jesus. (StoryBoard 14)
  • God showed His love when He had John write Revelation, that all might know what’s ahead: a new beginning; a world without sin; no more pain; no more death. (StoryBoard 15)

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So What Do You Think?

Now you tell me, does it sound like God loves us?

The Bible is the longest love story ever written. It’s a record of 6,000+ years of God demonstrating His love for us. And when you begin to see that, it changes you. It’s changing me. As we wrote Bible StoryBoards I was overwhelmed by God’s love for us, deep down in the core of my being.

I believe Bible StoryBoards can do the same for you. Not because Bible StoryBoards is so great, but because God’s love for you is so great. It’s our hope that the story of God’s love will reach into your soul and change you, forever.

See God’s love on display in our book.

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Bible StoryBoards Book
Bible StoryBoards Book