Are We Rebuilding the Tower of Babel to Prove We Don’t Need God?

The story of the Bible makes it clear that our attempts to be like God – or live without God – do not end well. Bible StoryBoards will help you understand that as we take you through the history of God and man that is told in the Bible.

Where Is God in our Cities?

Where is God in our Cities?

In the western world today man is trying to reach beyond our need for God – or even a belief in God at all. Instead, the “enlightened” ones turn to science and technology and believe we have the power to control our own destiny. When you understand the story of the Bible, you see clearly that is not a new idea.

As our 15 StoryBoards take you through the bottom line story of the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – StoryBoard 2 includes the events leading up to, and surrounding the Tower of Babel. When men tried to prove they didn’t need God, He clearly showed them that they were wrong.

The way the western world is going today, it may soon be time for another lesson from God.

 Bible StoryBoards can help you understand the bottom line of who God is and what it means to walk with Him. It will help you look beyond the lies the world is trying to tell you, to the truth. God is real. He loves us. We need Him.

Let Bible StoryBoards help you understand the life-changing story the Bible tells so you will understand the choice you are making. Buy the book by clicking on the picture below.

Bible StoryBoards Book

Bible StoryBoards Book

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